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GameCarver allows distributed teams
to collaborate in real-time


What Is GameCarver?

GameCarver empowers the mobile game development team to collaborate across locations and across skillsets in a real-time visual environment

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How Does It Work?

Our workflow actively enhances team collaboration and idea visualisation in contrast to tools focused only on the engineering result. Whether you’re a programmer, artist or game designer GameCarver maximizes creativity.

Programmers Invent

GameCarver empowers programmers to build game components without the need to understand how those components will be styled. Programmers can focus on their core skills, exposing complex game-rigs to artists and designers for styling.

The underlying power of GameCarver comes from its use of Inventions which are unstyled game-rigs, easily configured and shared across the team.

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Game programmers

Artists Style

Artists without technical programming skills are often constrained from bringing their creative ideas to life. GameCarver’s workflow is designed to free the artist from these constraints. They can configure, style and adapt the Inventions produced by the programmer.

The artist can now realise their own creative vision rather than relying on other team members to bring their creation to life.

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Teams Collaborate

The mobile game development team is at the heart of GameCarver’s design. Teams today consist of a mix of technical and non-technical professionals located in different parts of the world. Our unique workflow enables collaboration across skills and across geographies in real-time.

All team members inhabit the same hosted environment so they can build and design the game together in real-time.


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What Are People Saying?

"GameCarver has been a fantastic tool for us over the last few months and has allowed us to really define a 'write once, deploy everywhere' policy in our development cycle. It allows us to get great games out faster and so creates real savings in time and money."

− Darran Hughes CEO LumaFit

"Coming from an animation background, I found GameCarver great to work with because it empowers the artist to make games without having a huge knowledge of programming."

− Stephen Kelly, StudioPOWWOW

"GameCarver is exactly type of tool that is needed at the moment. Designers are limited in their ability to create game content because of the over reliance on coding in most game design tools."

− Hugh McAtamney, Head of Development of Digital Media, DIT.

"As our backgrounds are not from traditional game development, using GameCarver allowed us to focus on the creative side and find the fun elements. Having a cross team development system was a major bonus too, because we were not restricted by location when it came to developing our game quickly and effectively."

− Richard Glynn, StudioPOWWOW

"GameCarver is an exceptional product for game developers. Whether you're an old hand or a novice, its flexibility for approaching game development helps to truly streamline the design process. "

− Paul Conway, DoomCube

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